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Scientific Data Management


Traditionally scientists have managed the data using data formats, specifically developed for scientific datasets, and their associated API. The phenomenal increase in the size of the datasets has caused this model to become very inefficient. The lack of proper buffering. indexing and metadata management facilities accross files causes severe performance bottlenecks. Moreover with the increasing pervasiveness of parallel clusters for performing scientific visualizations, analysis and simulation we need to develop methods that are easily parallelizable. While traditional database technology provides a solution to most of the above said problems, the presence of large toolsets associated with specific formats discourage the scientists from shifting to traditional databases. We aim to provide holistic database like functionalities in order to ease the burden of data management on scientists.


8/3/06 Rishi Sinha was awarded a CSE Fellowship.

8/3/06 Rishi Sinha's paper, "Indexing Scientific Data," was accepted for IPDPS 2006.

8/3/06 Rishi Sinha will be working on bitmap indexes at Arie Shoshani's research group at Lawrence Berkeley Labs during the fall semester.

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Main Projects


The Maitri system improves the performance of data retrieval for scientists during the visualization/analysis phase while still allowing them to store data in the format of their choice. One major component of the Maitri project is bitmap indexing.

Panda reduces the write costs during large scale parallel disk writes. Log-based I/O is one focus of the project.


Prof. Pat ONeil at University of Massachusetts

The Scientific Data Management Group at Lawrence Berkeley Labs

The HDF Group

Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets

N Body Shop at Unviersity of Washington

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All e-mail addresses are in the cs.uiuc.edu domain.

Principal Investigator:

Marianne Winslett

Primary Contact:

Rishi Rakesh Sinha (rsinha)


  • Soumyadeb Mitra (mitra1)
  • Rishi Rakesh Sinha (rsinha)
  • Arash Termehchy (termehch)


  • Jonghyun Lee
    PhD 03, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Xiaosong Ma
    PhD 03, North Carolina State University
  • Yong Cho
    PhD 99, Network Appliance, Inc.
  • Szu-wen Kuo
    PhD 99, Network Appliance, Inc.
  • Ying Chen
    PhD 98, IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Krishna V. N. Motukuri
    MS 98, Amazon.com, Inc.
  • George Velamparampil
    MS 97, Inktomi Corporation
  • Kent Seamons
    PhD 96, Brigham Young University
  • Mahesh Subramaniam
    MS 96, Oracle Corporation