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PeerAccess Overview

PeerAccess is a logical framework for specifying authorization policies and reasoning about authorization in open distributed systems. The PeerAccess framework supports a declarative description of the behavior of peers that selectively push and/or pull information from certain other peers. PeerAccess local knowledge bases encode the basic knowledge of each peer, its release policies governing the dissemination of each possible piece of information to other peers, and proof hints that guides and limits its search process when trying to obtain particular pieces of information from other peers. PeerAccess supports sticky release policies, where the original owner of information retains control over its dissemination. In addition, PeerAccess also supports reasoning about sticky release policies of derived information, and provides a way to monotonically declassify derived information based on original information contributors' consent. PeerAccess supports automated credential retrieval and automated construction of proofs for authorization, and does so in flexible ways that are configurable thorough proof hints. PeerAccess's proofs of authorization are verifiable and nonrepudiable, and their construction relies only on the local information possessed by peers and their parameterized behavior with respect to query answering, information push/pull, and information release policies (i.e., no omniscient viewpoint is required). PeerAccess also features an open world assumption based formal semantics and a proof theory.


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