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Software-Defined Radio Overview

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a rapidly evolving technology which reduces the content of radio frequency (RF) and other analog components of traditional radios and emphasizes digital signal processing to enhance overall flexibility. Software radios are a class of reprogrammable or reconfigurable radios. In other words, the same piece of hardware can perform different functions at different times. The radio device can become a cellular phone, a GPS receiver, an amateur packet radio, or any other sort of radio transmitting or receiving device. Successful deployment of software radios will depend on the confidence that the required security mechanisms are in place to prevent misuse of the system, inappropriate RF emissions, inadequate accounting for services, and compromise of information integrity. To date there are no accepted standards governing what constitutes acceptable software radio security. This project aims to investigate and propose security features for software radios, specifically focusing on prevention and detection of unauthorized or faulty software execution.


All e-mail addresses are in the cs.uiuc.edu domain.

Principal Investigator: Marianne Winslett

Primary Student Contact: Suvda Myagmar (myagmar)

Graduate Students:

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