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Trust Management and Compliance Storage at UIUC

Traust Overview

Traust is a stand-alone authorization service that provides clients with the ability to acquire access tokens for networked resources at runtime. Traust uses automated trust negotiation to provide bilateral trust establishment, discovery of resource access policies at runtime, and protection of client and resource privacy. Upon satisfying the access policy for a particular resource, the Traust server issues the access requestor one or more access tokens needed to access that resource. The format of these credentials is not restricted by Traust, they can be of whatever format is required by the resource in question (e.g., SAML, X.509, etc.). In this way, Traust maps users' attributes into access credentials that are locally meaningful to the resource that is to be accessed. Traust enhances the ease with which authorized users can access resources within large-scale heterogeneous open systems and supports both loose integration with legacy services and tighter integration with trust-aware resources.



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Principal Investigator: Marianne Winslett

Primary Student Contact: Adam J. Lee (adamlee)

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